Benefits of egg building muscle

We always find eggs at the breakfast table in all the different countries of the world, when housewives and athletes, and always hear about the benefits of eggs in building and strengthening muscles, and is cooked in more than one way, including fried and boiled, but boiled eggs more healthy ways, And do not increase the proportion of fat such as fried and the suitability of dieters and athletes.

We also hear mothers advising their pregnant daughters to eat eggs because they contain a high percentage of calcium. In this article, you know the benefits of eggs for the body and for building muscle.

The nutritional value of eggs

 contains all the nutritional values that we need, it contains vitamin A and vitamin B complex, B6, B 12, vitamin D, and a high percentage of minerals in eggs such as iron, calcium, sodium and magnesium, , And sugars important to balance the rate of diabetes in the blood, and there is a high proportion of proteins important for the health of the body.

Benefits of eggs for the body

1-      The composition of muscle mass
It is important to eat eggs for athletes and bodybuilders who want to form muscle blocks. It helps to build muscle mass and tissues because of the proteins that contain 13 grams per 100 grams of eggs. Protein works to increase red blood cells in the body, In the body.

2-      Eye health
The eggs contain a high percentage of vitamin A with 520 global units of 100 grams of eggs, which helps to improve the tissues of the eye and prevent the incidence of genetic diseases such as color blindness and night sickness and non-genetic diseases such as myopia this, eating an egg every day helps to improve Consider.

3-      Prevention of bone diseases
With age, a person becomes weak in bones, joints, and nerves, and may experience mild tremors, especially in women because they are pregnant during pregnancy, which takes a high percentage of calcium to feed the fetus. Therefore, eating eggs improves calcium in the body through calcium Vitamin D, which improves the body's absorption of calcium, and prevents diseases such as osteoporosis.

4-      Provides the body with energy
The eggs contain 155 calories, which protects the body from stress and supplies the body with the energy needed for it.

5-      The health of the nervous system
Eggs contain vitamin D of 87 units per 100 grams of eggs, and vitamin B12, which is 1.1 micrograms per 100 grams of eggs, increases the health of the nervous system.