Exercises strengthen the back muscles

Back muscle exercises are one of the most beautiful exercises that can be saved by bodybuilders or fitness, building back muscles give a beautiful appearance of the man, and the back muscles bear a lot of weights, which makes exercise exercises weights possible and easy.

As exercise continues to strengthen the muscles of the back and neck, the results will start to appear quickly.

But what are the exercises of the back muscles that move the muscles, ie, each movement of the movements of the exercises, what will move the muscles of the back, and what muscles to move?

Exercise neck movement

The main point in this exercise is that it helps to individualize each muscle in the back. The need to do it when you spend more time standing in the same position whether a queue or sitting for a long time staring at the computer screen especially in the early hours of the morning. The upper back muscles may be prone to convulsions, resulting in weakness and back pain. Therefore, individual exercises should be done in the back muscles and the way in which to maintain your health.

Method Sit on four and put your hands right behind your head and the other hand to install the body. Rotate your right shoulder and elbow away from your left arm. And try to lift the shoulder to the maximum extent you can do. Do this 3 times and switch between the arms.

This may be the most difficult step but you should get good nutrition to ensure that the training needs are met. You can participate in a health club to get advice from trainers.

Tightening exercises

These exercises strengthen the muscles of the middle of the back and shoulders.

This exercise helps strengthen the upper back muscles for 80%, according to the Journal of Shoulder and Health Armaments.

The way to do this is to stick to the dumbbell and bend on your knees and hips and get down to the middle of your body so that it is parallel to the ground and allow the weights to fall down. Then pull your shoulders back and hold for one second. And then, lifting the weight to your trunk by pressing well it works to strengthen the muscles of the spine.


Works to strengthen the spine well.

Most players suffer from pain in the lower back and this may expose the entire area to pain. These exercises are done from the spine as well as fat burning.

How to do the iron in the knee level and try to do squatting and try to hold the iron so that it is in the position specified in the picture and push the hips forward. Gradually this process will become easy and not as it seems.

Tensile exercise

This exercise focuses on the muscles of the middle and lower back.

If you overlook exercises in the muscles of your shoulders, this may develop and lead to the symptoms of frozen shoulder, which add the rotation of your arms.

How to do this Hold the tug of war in your right hands and drag with your left hand until you reach your head and return to the beginning again and do so with your left arm.

Exercises of shoulder muscles

This exercise strengthens the muscles of the shoulder and upper back.
The University of Minnesota has shown that this is very useful in strengthening the muscles of the shoulders.

How to do Put a plank to hold on and take yourself deep while holding onto it and fixing for 10 - 20 seconds. And do this more than 5 times.

The general benefits of these exercises:

When you practice exercises to strengthen your back muscles for about a quarter of an hour and about 4 times a week you have basic benefits

- Strengthen the muscles of the neck, back, and shoulders and makes the back more flexible, relax the muscles and relieve pain.