Exercises to show body details

Exercises to show body details

Many people, especially young people, the dream of having an ideal body, divided in a way that shows their health and strength, to increase their self-esteem and make them handsome and youthful. As a result, young people have become increasingly active in fitness and bodybuilding clubs to reach this goal. Which has made many young people also looking for the best exercise to divide the muscles of the body and show details, including the muscles of the stomach or abdomen?

Body-splitting exercises Different body parts and body exercises vary depending on the muscles you are targeting to increase their size and reduce the level of fat above them. And because the youth group is currently focusing on exercises showing abdominal muscles or "sex buck", the following five exercises will contain exercises useful to tighten abdominal muscles, including:

The squatting exercise with weight lifting: This exercise has the ability to tighten the muscle structure of most muscles of the body, including the muscles of the feet, back, shoulder, and stomach. It is practiced by placing an iron bar at the shoulder level, but in front of the chest, elevates the elbow to become parallel to the arms, and then take the position of squatting and follow the lift up and repeat it for at least 10 times over three consecutive rounds.

Double Wheel Exercise: The effectiveness of this exercise is reflected in the muscles of the abdomen and lower back muscles. It also has the ability to tighten the muscles of the body in general. This exercise is practiced by holding the handles of the wheel with both hands after lying down and fixing the knees on the ground. The person then moves the wheel forward on the ground and then returns to the starting point with repeating it for at least 10 times for three consecutive rounds.

Foot lift exercise: This exercise directly affects the muscles of the stomach and the muscles of the thighs. It can be practiced simply by lying on the back and holding the chairman from behind the head to fix the body, then lifting both legs together to the top and then down and so forth for at least 10 times. Blanc

Pressure Exercise: This exercise is very different from normal exercise, with the exception of bending the elbows and placing both arms on the floor to give room for other muscles to work, including the muscles of the stomach.

The exercise on the rails: Exercise is difficult for many. The reason for this is that the whole weight of the body must be carried out to perform this exercise properly. It is often practiced by hanging the hands on the wall-mounted bars and working to lift the body up to the top of the bars and knees to the chest, and then go back to the beginning and repeat it for about 10 times On 3 tours.

The exercise of this exercise and exercises similar to it requires caution and vigilance to avoid falling and self-harm, which makes the professional exercise of these exercises by trainers and experts is necessary to avoid accidents and follow the progress of body structure and form.

How to get an athletic body?

 Most young people and those looking to get a perfect body know that it is not easy or easy, and that the most important factor that stands in the way of achieving their goal is the level of fat formed above the muscle layer, making the elimination of fat a top priority, otherwise the details of the body will remain elusive, As many experts talk that lipids should not exceed 7% of a person's total weight in order to obtain details of the abdominal muscles. What is the solution to this problem? How we can overcome fat and increase muscle mass at the same time. Fitness experts recommend taking two things on the skin to this end. You must first take care of some daily things that relate to the ideal lifestyle such as excellent nutrition, and secondly to continue to exercise for this purpose and return to the specialists and experience to determine the exercises usefully and know how to implement.