7 Exercises by dumbbells to build muscles twisted in the house

7 Exercises by dumbbells to build muscles twisted in the house

Many young people dream of a muscular and tight body, so that it becomes a wonderful and attractive appearance and to maintain its health and increase its physical strength but; there is a problem they have is the lack of time to go to the gymnasium, and today we will help you to achieve what you want to build muscles twisted using dumbbell You can buy it and do those exercises at home; Dumbbell is the most powerful tool to amplify and divide the muscle mass and increase the endurance of the body

1. Exercises the muscle of the chest by dumbbells

1 - Lie on the seat with your knees up slightly and the sticks in your hands, lift your arms up and then lower them again and repeat the exercise.

2 - Exercise the upper muscle of the chest, lift the seat and rested on it and the hand grenades and then lift and pull at the level of the upper area of the chest as shown in the picture.

3 - separate the seat and the same exercise No. (1), but reverse the direction of a dumbbell with the roll and get down your arms, and this exercise to strengthen the muscles of the chest side.

 2. Exercises to strengthen the shoulders muscles by dumbbells

1 - Sit on a seat and make your back straight and hands in your hands and next to the shoulder area, and then raise it up straight and then lower your agriculture slowly.

2 - side flap exercise to strengthen the lateral muscles of the shoulder stand with the bending of the knees a little forward and in your hands and raised a half - circle, starting from the bottom of the abdomen and then lifted to the top of the shoulder slightly.

3 - Exercise to strengthen the muscles of the shoulder back, sit on the seat with the curve of the upper part of your body to touch your chest area of ​​the knee, and in your hand and then make a half circle Bzarik like the picture.

4 - front flap exercise, stand straight and supported you by your side and raise your hands in front of you with a slight curve of the forearm area, and this exercise strengthens the front muscle of the shoulder.

 3. Exercises to strengthen the back muscles

1 - Back exercise with an individual dumbbell, do this technique shown in the picture, taking into account the straightness of the back and do not lift dumbbells higher than the picture shown to focus on the back area only.

2 - Lie on the seat at the top of your body, and make your leg on the ground and then lift the bomb with the same technique shown in the picture.

7 Exercises by dumbbells to build muscles twisted in the house

4. Exercises for the muscle of bolts

1 - Stand upright and in your hand Drabek then raise your agriculture with the bend of the elbow to the outside and when you get down, be sure to include the Dablak some like the picture.

2 - Stand upright and the hands with your side, then go down and visibility, but put the load on the area of ​​bolts and do not raise the ban by farmers.

5. Exercises of the Bay Sipes and Tri-Sipes (Arm Exercises)

1 - Exercise Dumbbell Exercise To strengthen the muscle of the triceps, stand upright and your arms beside you and then lift the dumbbell by the forearm with the exchange of your arms.

2. Base Exercise For pelvic muscle mass, sit down and rest your elbow on the knee area, then lift and lower the forearm area.

3 - Exercise Trips Sebs To strengthen and protrude the muscle of the Tari, sit down and then raise your hands above with the landing of the forearm behind your head with the exchange.

4 - Exercise double-doubles dumbbell, lie on the seat with your knee as in the picture and then roll down and go down beside your head.

6. Leg exercises

1 - squatting exercise to strengthen the muscles of the leg, holding the bananas on the sides and stand straight with the bow of the knees and make the thighs parallel to the ground almost at the descent, and return to the starting position with repetition.

2 - the second exercise to strengthen the muscles of the leg, stand in a straight with holding the stick and the hands of your side and then bend the knee forward and the other back as the picture with the exchange of legs.

Important tips and guidelines for building twisted muscles:

- Perform the same performance as animation without any change.

- A number of muscles listed 6 Divide them so that each muscle in a day eg the first day released the second-day shoulders third plant and so you can choose a day to rest without exercise, for example, two days exercise and a day of rest or exercise day and rest day choose what suits you.

- To show the muscles of your body must make your diet contains enough protein.
Wear comfortable cotton clothes during exercise.

- Drink enough water during exercise to make up for the water that comes out of your body (sweat).
Repeat each exercise 36 repetitions, dividing the repetitions into 3 groups for each group 12 repetitions, for example, chest exercise Lift and lower the bomb 12 times, then take a 30 second rest period and repeat it again for each exercise.

- Play any of your favorite music and prefer motivational music.

- Exercise after a period of not less than one hour.